Premium Business Card Printing in Portland – Your Brand Deserves It!

Premium Business Card Printing in Portland - Your Brand Deserves It!

Tired of giving out flimsy, low-quality business cards that don’t inspire confidence in your brand? Look no further than premium business card printing in Portland!

Investing in high-quality business cards shows your potential clients and partners that you take your brand seriously. Not only will they be impressed by the feel and design of your cards, but they’ll also be more likely to hold onto them and remember your business.

At Portland Print House, we use only the best materials and techniques to create truly premium business cards. From luxurious paper stocks to foil stamping and letterpress printing, our team of experts will work with you to create a unique and eye-catching design that reflects your brand’s values and personality.

Your brand deserves the best – so why settle for less when it comes to your business cards? Contact us today to learn more about our premium business card printing services in Portland!

Business Card Printing Portland
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Premium Business Card Printing in Portland – Your Brand Deserves It!

Business cards are an essential aspect of business branding. They have the potential to create an important first impression, and that is why they need to be perfect. Premium business card printing services in Portland provide high-quality cards, which can include various finishes, designs, and textures.

Why choose premium business card printing services?


The greatest reason you should go for premium business card printing services is the uniqueness that comes with it. Unlike ordinary business cards, premium ones can be designed and printed to match your taste and preferences. Aiming to stand out and make a great first impression is crucial in today’s competitive business world.

Quality of paper


Premium business card printing services offer various types of papers that can affect the quality of the business card. Some papers are thick while others are thin; some have a gloss finish while others have a matte finish. The quality of the paper can influence how long-lasting your card will be.

Standard Paper Premium Paper
Standard paper is generic, lightweight and lacks a unique touch. Premium paper options like linens, silks, and leatherette create a luxurious look and feel.
Standard paper typically has no textural element providing an edge but is also prone to wear and tear. Premium paper stock comes with tactile elements that enhance the business card’s touch, making it more memorable.

Design options


Premium business card printing services offer custom design options from template design, font choices and style, creative color options, and artistic designs. These will allow you to create the perfect design representation for your brand or business.

Costs implications


Premium business card printing services are not usually cheap, but they provide valuable services that can take your brand to the next level. Compared to standard business cards, premium cards can be expensive in terms of upfront costs per card. However, the cost can be low when looking at the long-term value of making that great first impression and creating customer retention.

Tangible edge over digital


Premium business cards give a more tangible approach to brand representation. They help create a lasting impression that remains in the minds of those who receive them. Digital business cards may be convenient, but they lack that tactile edge that makes handing out business cards memorable.

Tips for designing a premium business card


To design an effective premium business card, consider the following tips as the foundation of the process:

  • The paper you choose can influence how the card feels when it is handed over and its durability.
  • Choose colors that reflect your brand and business to your target market.
  • The choice of font style and size can make a big impact on legibility, ensuring that it is easy to read.
  • Include essential information, like contact details, and if possible, provide a tagline such as bringing innovation to your doorstep.
  • Make sure to choose a design that captures the essence of your brand or business visually.


Investing in premium business card printing services will make a prominent difference for your business. It can help solidify your branding, evoke professionalism, and create an impact in reaching your target audience. “Your brand deserves it,” so ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of your business cards.

Greetings to all our readers! We hope you have enjoyed reading about Premium Business Card Printing here in Portland. As we come to the end of this article, we would like to leave you with a few key takeaways that we hope will inspire you to create and print premium business cards for your brand.

Firstly, business cards are a reflection of your brand and should always be of the highest quality. Handing out flimsy or poorly designed cards can leave a negative impression on potential clients and business partners. Investing in premium business card printing can make a significant difference in how your brand is perceived by others.

Secondly, in today’s digitally-driven world, business cards remain a relevant and valuable marketing tool. They provide a tangible and memorable way for people to connect with your brand beyond the digital realm. Additionally, premium business cards can add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your brand image.

In conclusion, if you want your business to stand out from the crowd and leave a positive lasting impression, investing in premium business card printing is a must. Your brand deserves nothing but the best, and we hope this article has inspired you to take action towards creating and printing high-quality business cards.

People Also Ask about Premium Business Card Printing in Portland – Your Brand Deserves It!

Here are some common questions people ask about premium business card printing:

  1. What is premium business card printing?
  2. Premium business card printing refers to the process of creating high-quality, professional-looking business cards that are designed to make a lasting impression on potential clients or customers. These cards typically use high-quality paper, printing techniques, and design elements to create a card that truly stands out.

  3. Why is it important to have a premium business card?
  4. A premium business card can help you make a great first impression on potential clients or customers. It shows that you take your business seriously, and that you’re willing to invest in high-quality materials and design to represent yourself and your brand. A well-designed business card can also help you stand out from your competition and make your brand more memorable.

  5. What should I include on my premium business card?
  6. Your premium business card should include your name, job title, company name, logo, and contact information (phone number, email, website, etc.). You may also want to include a brief tagline or statement that summarizes what your business does or what sets it apart from others in your industry.

  7. What types of paper and printing techniques are used for premium business card printing?
  8. There are many different types of paper and printing techniques that can be used for premium business card printing, depending on your preferences and budget. Some popular options include thick, high-quality cardstock, foil stamping, embossing, and letterpress printing. Your printer can help you choose the best options for your needs and budget.

  9. Where can I find premium business card printing services in Portland?
  10. There are many printing companies in Portland that offer premium business card printing services. Some popular options include AlphaGraphics, PrintPDX, and PDX Printing & Mailing. Be sure to compare prices, services, and reviews to find the best printer for your needs.