5 Style Tips For Chubby Guys – How To Dress With A Dad Bod

Dad bod' T-shirts: Body shaming, or man's best friend

Dad Bod T-shirt – How To Dress With A Dad Bod | 5 Style Tips For Chubby Guys

Dad bod’ T-shirts: Body shaming, or man’s best friend?

Some of us are built with dad bod, but when it comes to finding good dad bod T-shirt style resources and advice, it’s pretty limited.
That’s why i’m here, to give you five style tips on how to dress with a dad bod right now tip number one is to avoid fitted clothing because it doesn’t compliment your body very well, dad bod sort of fall onto both sides of the spectrum when it Comes to body types you can be on the muscular side, as well as on the huskier side, at the same time, with a few differences on both sides of the spectrum buying directly fitted sort of this one size, kind of fits all type in, like Medium or large, or whatever size it, it’s not going to be great because yeah, you may get a great fit across your chest, your shoulders, your arms that feels really good, but then you can get a crappy fit around the waist and really highlights the muffin top And we know if you notice that it makes you look fat in one area, you’re going to not feel your best wearing that.


Dad bod' T-shirts: Body shaming, or man's best friend

How To Dress With A Dad Bod

So i suggest you would avoid going with stuff that’s fitted or even on the slimmer side because again they are meant for guys who are muscular and lean. Not muscular and husky.
Tip number two is to go with slightly oversized shirts to help build up your chest and delts we’re going for that classic v. Taper look! Maybe you are working out right now, you’re putting in the work, but this is an instant fix that can work. If you have a shirt, that’s a fits really well across the chest and delts and is a little bit roomier throughout the waist. It is going to highlight that v taper, it’s going to make your chest your shoulders.
Your traps look way more developed and actually hide some of that muffit top giving you the illusion of having an instant v-taper. The shirt that does this the absolute best is my gp basic tees that are wrinkle resistant, breathable and yes, slightly oversized. I spent two years developing the shirt to make it fit your absolute best for guys who are built with dad mods like myself, and guys on the larger side, with plus size options going up to a 3 xl. The key here is the three-centimeter mock neck. Actually makes your chest and your traps look wider, the sleeves they come down, but they fit very snug. So you get a nice relaxed fit and through the body you can’t see the muffin top.

Dad Bod Clothing Style

Best Dad Bod T Shirt
Yes, i do have a gut, but this shirt hides it as best as possible, but still keeps you comfortable. It fits well, it’s wrinkle resistant and it’s 50 percent off and it beats every other brand unico. It beats essentials in terms of price and fabric quality, and you can actually find something in your size that works for your body type. You can pick it up in the link in the description tip number three, i’m revealing some of my secret sauce and it is the oversized sweater tucked-in trick.
This is great for keeping your body looking proportionate and comfortable as well as it is meant to highlight the actual outfit in terms of the pieces that you’re wearing and your color coordination, rather than dressing for your body type. What i like to do here is like to pick out a nice oversized sweater a nice loose fit. I like to have a nice pair of pants.

The pants could be on the fitted to looser side. Usually, if they’re a bit loose at the waist, you can get a much better tuck, because you can always adjust it with a drawstring waistband or maybe there’s some elastin worked into the fabric or even a belt. This keeps your body looking proportionate and it draws attention towards the fit and since we’re going with an oversized top, your torso length is proportionate.

But you don’t get any of the attention to the muffin top or problem areas and you’re, highlighting your style, your outfit and not your body, we’re dressing modestly man tip number four is to layer with structured pieces or use light layers in warmer environments. This is a super simple thing that a lot of guys on the larger side already do so, i’m here to reinforce it, and this is an excellent fit because you can wear something that is very loose, breathable and comfortable underneath, like a t-shirt or a tank.
Well, this tank that i’m wearing is not that loose, but you get what i mean and if you have a light layer over like a jacket which is a shirt jacket, it can just basically cover up some of the man boob areas and cover up your love. Handles and you can still get an excellent fit and even on the lighter side stuff like floral shirts or really light raincoats provide a nice structure because you have an extra layer of fabric that can again build up your chest and shoulders. If you wear it open. It’S going to cover up some of the man boobs and also cover up some of the love handles again bringing more attention to the outfit rather than your body type tip

Number five is to stick to neutral.Colors neutral colors go great with every body type, every skin tone and with a lot of neutral colors, they tend to look a little bit more slimming because what i recommend you guys do to not just leave you with a pretty bare ass tip is to go With darker neutral tones, i like using this reference image right here for when it comes to neutral tones.
I love all these colors, they work great, but they do feel a little bit plain or generic. What you can do is you, can take one of these colors and try to find them in different tones.
Maybe some darker tones find them in slightly lighter tones. Some lighter tones in some darker shades to really elevate dressing with a neutral, color palette. You’ll. Look at the benefits of the darker neutral tones going great and complementing your body type by making you look a little bit more slimmer, but you’re. Also, elevating your style by really having those fine details working in different shades of the same color, to really make it tasteful, yet a little bit more unique, if you guys have it five tips on how to dress with a dad about big.

Thank you to me for sponsoring today’s video.If you guys enjoy and like the t-shirt, feel free to pick some up in the description, they are 50 off until they’re sold out, which they almost are, because you guys have been killing it lately, and i really appreciate all the support. I worked so hard on them.Thank you guys so much for reading and be sure to check out my other videos on screen right now. peace!

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