Artkive vs Plum Print: Which is the best artwork digitization service?

Artkive vs Plum Print: Which is the best artwork digitization service?

Artkive and Plum Print are two of the most popular artwork digitization services available today. However, choosing between the two could be a daunting task. Both services offer almost similar services, but some subtle differences set them apart.

If you’re a parent who wants to digitize your child’s artwork collection, you may find Artkive more appealing. Artkive provides an app that allows you to capture, categorize, and share your child’s artwork seamlessly. They also have professional book designs that make it easy for you to turn your child’s artwork into a beautiful coffee table book.

On the other hand, Plum Print targets a broader audience, including individuals, artists, and schools. With Plum Print, you can digitize different types of art, including textiles, ceramics, sculptures, and more. They also offer a range of customization options, such as personalized covers and layouts.

So, which is the best artwork digitization service? Well, it depends on your needs. If you need a service that is specific to digitizing your child’s artwork and making it memorable, Artkive might be the right choice for you. However, if you need a more comprehensive digitization service that caters to different types of art and customization options, Plum Print might be your perfect fit.

Ultimately, both Artkive and Plum Print are excellent services that can help you preserve your precious memories. So why not read further and delve deeper into what each of these services has to offer to make an informed decision?

Artkive Vs Plum Print
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Comparison on Artkive vs Plum Print: Which is the best artwork digitization service?

Artkive and Plum Print are two popular digital archiving services used by many parents and art collectors. These services allow people to preserve, organize, and share their children’s artwork or personal collections in a more meaningful and accessible way. But which one is the best? In this blog post, we will compare and contrast Artkive and Plum Print, looking at their features, pricing, quality, and customer service.

Background on Artkive and Plum Print


Artkive and Plum Print were both founded by moms who wanted to solve the problem of too much artwork piling up in their homes. Artkive was created in 2012 by Jedd Gold and Brett Hoffman, while Plum Print was founded by Carolyn Lanzetta in 2012. Both services offer a convenient way to digitize children’s artwork, but they differ in some key ways.

Features comparison


Let’s start by comparing their features. Artkive focuses exclusively on digitizing children’s artwork and offers a mobile app that allows users to easily upload photos of their child’s artwork. The app also has organizing tools, such as tagging and sorting by date, child, or project. Artkive also offers printing and framing services for selected pieces of artwork.

On the other hand, Plum Print also digitizes artwork but also expands its service to include creating keepsake books, cards, and home decor from digital files. They offer a web-based platform to upload and organize files, and customers can stay involved in the design process by choosing layouts, fonts, and colors. They also offer gift cards, making it easy to gift this service to others.

Pricing comparison


When it comes to pricing, both Artkive and Plum Print offer various packages depending on the number of artwork pieces you want to digitize. Artkive charges $39.99 per book with up to 20 pages, and $1.99 for every additional page. Additional copies of the same book cost $19.99. Printing and framing services have separate pricing.

Plum Print, however, seems comparatively pricier, starting at $125 for a 30-page softcover book, up to $750 for a hardcover book with up to 125 pages. The cost increases for additional copies, new layouts, images of 3D artwork, or custom design. While they are more expensive than Artkive, they offer more creative personalized products.

Quality comparison


The quality of the digital files and printed products are important aspects to consider when it comes to selecting a digitization service. According to reviews, Artkive’s digitization quality is generally good but sometimes the color may be off or the lighting may not have been ideal. However, their customer service is quick to remedy any issues. Their printed products, such as framed artwork or photobooks, are high quality with lots of customization options.

Plum Print’s digitization and printing quality has received great feedback. The images are clear and vibrant, with excellent detail even for 3D artwork (which is impressive). The books are printed on high-quality paper and are beautifully designed. While these added features increase the price, it seems that they put in extra effort where it matters: the quality of the finished product.

Customer service comparison


Lastly, good customer service provides peace of mind knowing that if there is an issue, it will be handled quickly and satisfactorily. Artkive has great customer support, with quick response times and positive track record for resolving issues. Customers appreciate how helpful and responsive the team is.

Plum Print has also received positive feedback for their customer service. They were described as patient and accommodating during the product design stage giving tips and suggestions. Responsive emails and a smooth billing process were also praised.

Final thoughts


Artkive and Plum Print are two great services that have revolutionized the way children’s artwork is preserved and shared. Each has its own unique features, pricing, quality, and customer service. If you are looking for a more affordable option with widespread focus on digitizing artwork, Artkive would be your go-to. But if you want a deluxe experience with extras like unique keepsake books, cards, and home decor made from your images, then Plum Print would be an ideal choice. In the end, it’s all about what matters to you: preserving memories with artistic flair!

Artkive vs Plum Print: Which is the best artwork digitization service?

Thank you for taking the time to read about Artkive vs Plum Print! We hope our comparison has provided you with a better understanding of the two artwork digitization services and helped you decide which one is best for your needs.

Artkive is a great option if you are looking for a user-friendly platform that allows you to preserve your child’s artwork while clearing out clutter. With their easy-to-use app and affordable pricing options, Artkive makes it simple to create beautiful photo books and other keepsakes featuring your child’s artwork.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more premium service that offers high-quality scans and professional-grade prints, Plum Print may be the better choice for you. With their custom art curation and design services, Plum Print can help turn your child’s artwork into sophisticated pieces that you can display in your home or gift to loved ones.

Ultimately, the decision between Artkive vs Plum Print comes down to your individual preferences and needs. What matters most is that you are preserving your child’s artwork in a way that is meaningful to you and your family. Both services offer unique benefits, so weigh the pros and cons carefully before making your final decision.

Thank you again for visiting our blog, and happy digitizing!

People also ask about Artkive vs Plum Print: Which is the best artwork digitization service?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions along with their answers:

  1. What is Artkive?

    Artkive is an app-based service that allows you to easily digitize your child’s artwork and save it in a digital format.

  2. What is Plum Print?

    Plum Print is a service that turns your child’s artwork into beautiful custom coffee table books, framed prints, and other keepsakes.

  3. Which service is better for digitizing artwork?

    Both Artkive and Plum Print are great options for digitizing your child’s artwork. Artkive is more affordable and offers a simple, easy-to-use app for uploading and organizing your child’s artwork. Plum Print, on the other hand, offers more customization options and turns your child’s artwork into beautiful keepsakes that you can display in your home.

  4. How much does Artkive cost?

    Artkive offers a variety of pricing plans, ranging from $3.99 per month to $129.99 per year. The higher-priced plans offer additional features such as unlimited storage and the ability to create custom books and gifts.

  5. How much does Plum Print cost?

    Plum Print offers a range of products at varying price points. Custom coffee table books start at $85, while framed prints start at $45. They also offer a variety of other products such as calendars and tote bags.

  6. Which service is better for preserving artwork?

    Both Artkive and Plum Print are great options for preserving your child’s artwork. Artkive allows you to easily store and organize digital copies of your child’s artwork, while Plum Print turns the artwork into beautiful keepsakes that you can display in your home.

  7. Which service is more user-friendly?

    Artkive is generally considered to be more user-friendly than Plum Print. The app is easy to use and navigate, and the process for uploading and organizing artwork is straightforward. Plum Print, on the other hand, requires more customization and input from the user, which can be intimidating for some.